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The Vietnamese martial art was born with a story of a nation that must constantly struggle to survive. Thanks to its geographical situation and to its open-mindedness, Vietnam has received and has accepted all the other styles of martial arts. While preserving its specificities, the Vietnamese martial art has astutely adapted the best external techniques with harmony and progress. Moreover, contrary to the other martial arts which reserved the learning for an elite or a religious environment, the Vietnamese martial art always wanted its training to be intended for the people without age or sex discrimination. Unfortunately, the country went through many conflicts weakening this martial art which was then scattered to disappear graduately.

Vovinam Viet Vo Dao has existed since 1938. The Founder, Master NGUYEN LOC devoted all his life to restore thousand-year-old knowledge. During his travels which were difficult at that time, he discovered innumerable old documents until then scattered and unknown. In 1939, during an official presentation of the Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Movement in Ha Ni, he marked a new era of the Vietnamese martial art, the one of its rebirth...