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The philosophy

The way of Vovinam Viêt Vo Dao

The VOVINAM Vit Vo Dao (VVN-VVD) is a martial discipline which must be understood as one of the fundamental components of the human culture.
The VVD proclaims indeed, the physical and mental training of the individual who symbolizes ideal, perfection, kindness and progress, having the welfare of the society for an object.
Moreover, the VVN-VVD does not lock itself in immutable rules. On the contrary, it has always been very adaptable to time and space in search of harmony in the daily life. It moves with the modernisation of the society and can thus remain eternal.

The VVN-VVD forms part of the thousand-year-old culture of Man. Serving the human being is the true value of the martial art. Practising the VVN-VVD does not mean learning a martial technique in order to dominate over our fellow man but thinking that we are carrying out an unselfish mission in the service of Man, in a chivalrous spirit and in a spirit of generous love. We must be above all be realistic, committed to the society sharing our joys and sorrows with the others. This man must be courageous, voluntary, active, careful over detail in his daily work, far-sighted as for his future, and pursue continually a realistic target for himself and the Society.

The VVN-VVD can be compared with the vastness of the ocean which is joined by all the rivers of the globe without making any difference between the large, small rivers and the tiny brooks. Even the dirtiest water can be purified by the generosity of the ocean. So all tendencies or ideas even the most different ones can be received. It is our job to standardize these differences in a spirit of union, love and generosity.
The VVN-VVD can make a handsome contribution to the Society by helping Men to live together happily in peace and fraternity.

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The Orientation of the Vovinam Viêt Vo Dao school.

The VVN-VVD is not a political group. However, a practitioner of the VVD must learn, seek to understand the political as well as the economic, cultural and scientific problems. Especially, he must identify the environment in which he is and understand its evolution.
As a citizen, the practitioner has the right to be in politics but under no circumstances is allowed to use the name of the school to achieve his ends.

The VVN-VVD proposes a pedagogy based on the orientations such as good of mankind, the emancipation of the Human Being and its helpfulness. That is why the VVN-VVD begs for a wide spirit of union and collaboration. In other words, the VVN-VVD is against racism, discrimination, slavery and Man oppression in every form.
In the VVN-VVD organization, are not taken into account the political or religious convictions of the practitioners or their ethnic or social origin.
Despite the training on the technical level and the traditional Vo Dao spirit of Vietnam, the VVN-VVD has no border. It is a work designed by the Vietnamese people contributing to the cultural evolution of mankind. That is why the VV-VVD has only one love, the one of the Vo Dao love, stemmed from the knowledge and the conscience of totally free men.

The practical formula that the VVD Sinh (practitioner) must apply in an absolute way is :
For this reason, we must welcome people with open arms even those who are stranger to us with love and affection.

The VVN-VVD ideal is TRUE MAN.
In everyday life, this man must be above all versatile, creative, hard worker, persevering, good and tolerant. He must know to do everything without complex, accepting to sacrifice himself for the cause and the ideal he has adopted.

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The purposes of the Vovinam Vit Vo Dao school

The school activities aim at three targets :

  1. Maintenance, improvement and development of the VVN-VVD school, which was founded in 1938 by Master NGUYEN LOC. The VVN-VVD shows the traditional spirit of resistance, inflexibility of the Vietnamese people facing enslavement. It completely makes the best of the two parts of Man that are force (Cuong) and flexibility (Nhu) and standardizes the essence of the existing martial arts in the world.

  2. Research, study and techniques creation to improve the system.

  3. Teaching the practitioner on three levels :
  • Vo luc (strength, resistance)
  • Vo thuât (martial technics)
  • Tinh thân Vo Dao (Vo Dao and khightly spirit)

On the Vo luc level : By training the VVD, the practitioner develops a solid and strong resistant body to cope with every kind of situations and diseases.

On the Vo thuât level : Thanks to the adapted technics, the practitioner will be able to protect himself effectively and will be prepared for supporting reason and justice.

On the Tinh thân Vo Dao level : The training intends to develop in the practitioner a noble heart, an unbending willing, a chivalrous behaviour. It also teaches him respect and discipline, so as to live in harmony with his environment and to be helpful to others.

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