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To Duong

TO DUONG, Vovinam Viêt Vo Dao's sanctuary - SAIGON

TO DUONG is the VOVINAMs sanctuary in Vietnam. This four storeyed building is located in Saigon with on the first floor, the reception room, on the second, the training room, on the third and the fourth floors, the living room for the occupants among whom the Master Patriarch.

In the training room there is a magnificent altar dedicated to the founder of our school whose statue is put on. A tambourine is placed near the altar, and is very used during various ceremonies. Some paintings which show the Vietnamese legends decorate the walls.

Not very far from the paintings, there is a place where we can see the photographs of the different Vovinam Movements overseas and some of the Phong Trao Vovinam Vo Dao Europe too. During the training of August 2001, some participants were very surprised not only to recognize themselves on those photos but were also delighted to know that their photos are on the walls of the Master Patriarchs house.

TO DUONG, Vovinam Viêt Vo Dao's sanctuary - SAIGON     TO DUONG, Vovinam Viêt Vo Dao's sanctuary - SAIGON